Girl's Bedroom Design

 I don't do " children's rooms". They are expensive, the quality of "children's furniture" is usually lacking and they have a short useful life. I prefer the pre 20th century opinion that children are just small adults. They too should be allowed the good stuff and to be surrounded by things that make them happy. Good stuff doesn't have to mean expensive. Rather thoughtfully vetted items (I like glitter and unicorns) that will last and the better the quality the better able the pieces are to stand up to the small user.

This piece selected by the elementary school age girl is the jumping off point for the room design. The name of the piece will give you good insight to the personality of the end user as well.

"The Fire Within", 2016 by  Katie Bridge Altieri representation through  Peanut Gallery Summit, NJ.

"The Fire Within", 2016 by  Katie Bridge Altieri representation through Peanut Gallery Summit, NJ.

Workspace, proper sleepover sleeping situations, clean ability a little edge, no pink, no purple and she has to "LOVE IT!". 

We wanted a pair of twin headboards to give us optionality to use together as a king. We also needed  a cool shape with some height and color very likely we were going to need to paint whatever we found.


1.David Francis Furniture Chippendale was too square. 2.Jaffen Peacock from Wayfair too "frouy". 3.The Family Love Tree bed was almost perfect but the freight from down under made it cost prohibitive.

Factoring in cost and getting the right color, they would need to be painted, we landed on this vintage pair from Soulful Vintage.

Soulful Vintage

Soulful Vintage

Painted to match the turquoise in F. Schumacher "Jelly Bean", Ocean/Turquoise.

The chest of drawers came from a sale at Everything But The House  the on line estate sale sight.  It was love at first ugly honey colored sight. It is solid wood no particle board, no plastic, and weighs a ton.

Even after the paint jobs and new hardware the cabinet and headboards are still coming in well below what we allotted for in the budget and well below what we would have spent on brand new. There is still much more to be done but it is all coming together to be a really singular and special room.